Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reggae Poster

This poster for Anja productions had a reggae band headlining so I kept to the right color scheme, cookie cut a lion and you have a reggae poster. (wasn't as easy as described)

Concert Poster

I had alot of fun with this poster. I like how this turned out, and the character I created still makes me laugh. 
hope you enjoy!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ska Poster

here is my latest poster I have crafted for a ska band popular in Hamilton. They are doing a one time only Reunion show where all proceeds go to kids help phone. I had alot of fun creating this, it took some research but I the finished product is perfect.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random Sketches: Episode #4

Top: This recent ink drawing was just a sketch that I had done on the first page of a new sketch book. The first page is always life or death, either you do it wrong and the whole sketch book will be forever known as that crappy sketch on the first page, or the coolest sketch book ever that u wanna draw in always. Good thing I nailed it.

Bottom: this old old sketch is something that I had forgotten existed and when moving this past year I found it and all its glory. It was back in my Graffiti days, I still graff every once in awhile but not as much.
bet you cant wait for next episode!!

Random Sketches: Episode #3

Top: this is a ink drawing I had done about a year ago with no real plan in mind. I just like reptiles and amphibians so I went ahead and invented my own

Bottom: Also like top image I am fascinated with bugs and things so I created My own Mantis like bug.
keep looking for next episode!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Sketches: Episode #2

Top: The Monkeys theres not much to say about this one except I wanted to draw but all that came to mind was monkeys so to get it out I drew a whole bunch.

Bottom: Skull Squid was just a one shot ink drawing and I think some of the black spots are mistakes

Random Sketches: Episode #1

Top: Ninja Newt is a sketch I had done about a year ago. It was a drawing I drew for my pet newt who had escaped some how and is most likely dried up in the wall somewhere. Poor little guy, this is how i pictured his escape.

Bottom: This is a resent sketch I had done with pencil and ink. the tittle says it all " coon-hat"

Burger T-shirt

This is a T-shirt design I was asked to create by my boss, at my current job Chuck's burger bar.
I make so many burgers a day I drew this one without a reference. But when I had completed it I realized I forgot the cheese. Instead of redrawing the whole thing I just drew the slice on a separate piece of paper, scanned it and used photoshop to put it on. 
and Dont worry I never forget the Cheese when I'm actually working.
Thanks for the views keep checking in!

Poster Artwork

Here are a couple more Posters I have created for Ajna production company.
I had a lot of fun with these especially with the dino monocle. I was inspired by a poster from the 70s it was a Grateful Dead poster. The poster i had found had a gnome and all the information on its T-shirt. so i created a similar image but a dinosaur with a monocle and this what you get.
hope you enjoyed and come back soon!!