Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Will Ross CD Update

here is an update on the cd cover I created for local Musician Will Ross. I was given a copy of the CD and it turned out looking AWESOME! 
He soon after left on tour and got me to create his tour poster. Created so dates and locations can be written or printed on.

Random Sketches: Episode #5

Top: That Ink drawing came to me after watching a documentary on Frogs and tadpoles. Not exactly what a tadpole looks like but I already know what a tadpole looks like so I drew this.

Bottom: Not necessarily a sketch but was created in a similar way. It started as a green plaint spill that turned into the x files.


This Vector Logo was designed for a local band. TOADHOUSE play great music and I think is considered a Jam Band. There feel good music and instrumentals blow my mind. I had a great time designing this from the sketches to the final Vector Logo